Beach contestant – a sex symbol superstar

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An Ex on the Beach contestant says she will be lauded as a sex symbol superstar – by becoming the face of Babestation. Babestation’s Leylah Linda, 25, is famed for being a Marilyn Monroe lookalike but said her daring new job will make even more men obsessed with her.

The famous phone sex channel first aired on Sky back in 2002 – but Leylah believes it won’t take her long to become the main attraction.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: “The reason why I was encouraged to do this is because I love being glamorous and I love being in front of the camera and I am always the centre of attention which might as well be my middle name.

“I just know that I am going to be the face of Babestation and everyone is going to love me there and they are going to be obsessed. I was born to be beautiful and to be glamorous and to make money out of it.”

And asked if she had any butterflies about flaunting her curves on live TV, she responded: “No, I am not nervous.

“I am unstoppable and my confidence is what no one will ever have… I can’t even explain it myself how confident I am and I never have any fears to be honest.”

Leylah, from Hastings, got a taste of fame last year after her Ex on the Beach cameo. But she said her family expressed more concern about her joining Babestation.

Her mum was initially “a bit funny” about the news but ultimately said she will support whatever makes her daughter happy.

The curvaceous blonde has 114,000 followers on Instagram and she believes her existing fans will be drooling at the prospect of seeing her on screen.

She said: “They are going to be able to connect with me on a deeper level as opposed to just seeing me on an Instagram post. The thing I am most excited about is getting more out there and being on TV frequently like I have anyway but with a bit more exposure.

“I am looking forward to being able to dress up everyday and look beautiful and be paid for being beautiful and meeting other girls in the industry and feeling empowered about myself. I also feel it is so important for me to give other women confidence and show that it is ok to do things like this.”

The influencer has bundles of self-belief and she is convinced that joining Babestation is the next step in replicating the fame of her idol Marilyn.

She concluded: “I am going to be a superstar and I am never going to give up and I will be the face of this. I will also do Playboy because I have such strong manifestations and I will be the face of Playboy as well and I will follow in Marilyn’s steps.”

Miss Leylah Linda is Babestation’s hottest new recruit and she is ready to set your pulses racing with her seductive cam shows. This article was originally published in the Daily Star.

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