Effective Business Waste Management

Business owners have a duty of care by law to manage the storage of and organise the disposal of their waste in a safe environmentally friendly manner. You must use licensed companies with the correct paperwork and certification.

If you do not abide by these rules and use a firm that has not been verified, then you will be liable for this and could face prosecution in the future.

By using your local council for this service, they will already be Environment Agency approved so you will have no need to worry. You will need to contact them to arrange collection and organise date and times.

You will need a small checklist if you are getting a private rubbish clearance company to do this so you are satisfied that they are good to use.

You will need to see a copy of their registration certificate. If in doubt, you can contact the Environment Agency by email at enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk for verification.

You are going to need a transfer note from the company to show that you have passed on the waste and now the company will deal with it. This note is to be kept for 2 years by the company.

There are 5 steps to deal with business waste and they go in this order.

                   1. Prevent any waste

2.. Re-Use

3. Recycle

   4. Recovery

5. Landfill


There is a fine of £100 for the leaving rubbish out on the pavement for too long on the pavement or on the wrong day which cause a hazard to the public, attract pests or just make a mess.

For more information click the following link. https://www.vonviljunk.co.uk



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