6 Reasons to Buy Built In Wardrobes for Your Rooms

The way you furnish home requires that you do so keeping in mind factors such as space and how beautiful you want the place to be. Built in wardrobes are a good idea to make your home look nice and at the same time minimize space. Actually, a built in wardrobe conserves a lot of space and at the same time, it has more capacity to put in your clothes and other things as compared to the portable wardrobes. Here are six reasons why you should consider investing in built in wardrobes for your rooms.

  1. Numerous designs to choose.

You have a variety of design to choose from when buying a built in wardrobe. There are those designed in a way that they can be fitted with shelves can be adjusted. Others can also be fitted with additional compartments such as racks for shoes, and cabinets for general things. More so, there are designs that last for long due to frames that are flexible and can be adjusted.

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Beautification of a house is important built in wardrobes can be installed in such a way that they are uniform in all the rooms that they are fitted. Also, they can be designed in such a way that they match the style and design of a room.

  1. Sliding doors.

Built in wardrobes are normally fitted with sliding doors. This is usually very classy and beautiful, but most importantly is the conservation of space. Wardrobes with sliding doors can be installed in areas where the space is limited. More so, there are many materials that can be used to make sliding doors such as mirrored and glass doors.

  1. Multiple use.

The beauty of having built in wardrobes in your home is the endless functions that they serve. For instance, you can use built in wardrobes in the laundry room to use as storage for towels and cleaning products or in an office as a storage for files and other office things.

  1. Can be customized to meet your needs.

Built in wardrobes can be made to meet all your needs and requirements. You are therefore assured of adequate storage for different things as per your requirements.

You can also fit lights in the built in wardrobes. As such, you can easily find anything even at night, not to mention that it will look classy. Ideally an lighting designer from SOS can help with this.


Built in wardrobes is a must have in your house. fci London has a very creative designing team that can help you install a built in wardrobe even in a constrained space.

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