Best Leggings For Men From Stitch Leggings

It is no doubt that all great ideas and innovations were made almost by mistake. True, necessity is mother to invention and as such, the necessity has to arise before any major innovation is made. Some years back, two British fashion designers attended a Themed party, and while there, were made to wear some ‘ill fitting’ female leggings. Afterwards, the duo of Tom Hunt and Luke Shipley went ahead to found and establish sTitch Leggings, also known as Meggings. These are leggings that were conceived and designed for men; which was unlike the Ill fitting female leggings they had been made to wear. Today, sTitch Leggings are some of the most popular leggings for men and are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, patterns, and so on so forth. The beauty of these leggings is that their wide variety makes them ideal for many different events and functions.

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the best leggings for men from sTitch Leggings;

  • Tartan; tartan sTitch leggings are on top of the list of the best leggings for men. Available in a combination of blue, red, green, and black, they also have a back pocket to ensure that your phone or any other items are safely secured. This is the kind of leggings a guy can wear indoors when entertaining guests over some drinks, or when taking an evening stroll; they are unique, fashionable, and very noticeable.
  • Diamond; made from the super elastic polyester, these men’s leggings are black in color, punctuated by blue and diamond patches all over. They are cool, and will make any guy look sexy and unique but in a very subtle way. They can be machine washed, and also have a back pocket to ensure that all your valuable items are safe.
  • Festival; arguably one of the most creative designs from sTitch Leggings, these festival leggings are as unique as they are easy to notice. They are available in different colors like Gold, with occasional bright colored lines or stripes. Really, these leggings are for the super confident guy, the alpha male who knows that he is sexy. These are the kind of leggings a man can wear in an outdoor event where there’s parting, or a festive mood.


sTitch Leggings have a huge variety of male leggings for you to choose from; you can learn more by visiting their site and getting to see the different photos of the designs available.

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