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What Contribution Does Art Make to Religion?

Art is a way of communicating. From the olden days men tried to pass information through various means; one of the ways was through paintings. Many paintings are found in ancient caves. When man wants to communicate his transcendental thoughts and feelings, he can do that through art. In simple terms art is a way of communicating how we feel. We can reveal our thoughts about our creator through art. We can show a sense of faith by wearing certain materials or putting unique things in our homes and offices; our personal space.

In a religion, you have to communicate your beliefs and spirituality. Art can be used to reveal your feelings about your creator. Art is not spirituality by itself; art just serves to communicate our spirituality. The church has inculcated the use of symbols in the worship of God. For example, the cross is a symbol of Christ, there are images of Mary the mother of Jesus, necklaces and rosaries that are used during worship. Most of these products are sold by HOLYART, the largest religious products ecommerce company in Europe.

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  • Protestantism has never approved of the large use of art of in religion as is the case with the Roman Catholic Church. Some Christian faithful claim that the items used in the church are idols and should not be used as that is against the doctrines of Christ who condemned idolatry.
  • But some thinkers believe that art is a very important part of religion because it gives men the assurance of a world of spiritual realities which science despite having intellectual standards, sometimes fail to recognize.
  • Art has made a significant contribution to religion by developing forms if architecture and of decoration which constitute a suitable setting for religious ceremonies.
  • Art has also been inculcated in religion through pictures and music for centuries. Images of saints, angels and Virgin Mary are commonly seen in Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. This proves that art and religion go hand in hand.
  • We all know that songs are pieces of art; they are ways of communicating our feelings to other people. Many songs have been created by various musicians to praise their creators and thank them for their mercies. Some songs have also been created to teach people moral values and to discourage the faithful against bad conduct. Music is the way to the soul.
  • Some of the basilicas and cathedrals that were built in the olden days have the same architectural style. The gothic style has been used in most churches. There are many statues of personalities in the bible that have placed along the walls of religious buildings. This is a way of communicating our thoughts about religion. That is art. Have a look at Fabric Wall – Customised in Australia.
  • The Sistine Chapel in Italy is perhaps one of the most famous churches in the world because of the paintings inscribed on the walls. These paintings were made by Michael Angelo the renowned painter. The paintings depict the bible: from our creation to the coming of Jesus Christ.
  • Art is used by man to communicate his thoughts about a particular thing. So religion can be practiced using art. HOLYART sells nativity scenes pictures embedded in ceramic tiles. These pictures show Jesus in a manger, surrounded by his parents and the wise men.
  • HOLYART sells symbols that can be used to communicate our feelings about our faith and our creator. We sell religious items that are used by Christians to worship and praise their Creator. One of these many religious products is the Rosary. The rosary is used by Catholic faithful to pray to their creator.
  • Whenever they want to intercede on behalf of their family and friends, they use the rosary to pray. Whenever they want to pray to the Virgin Mary who is the mother of Jesus, they use the rosary. The faithful are using art as a means of communicating their feelings to God. If you want a rosary then just visit our website and make your order. We will deliver the product to you in the perfect condition, in a matter of 2-3 days.
  • HOLYART sells religious statues such as those of baby Jesus, Mary the mother of Jesus and even angels. Christians use these statues as symbols of the almighty God that they believe, created them and control their life.

art and religion

  • Whenever they are in trouble, they pray to Mary mother of Jesus to intercede on behalf of them to God. Whenever Christians are celebrating their achievements and successes in their endeavors, they give thanks to God through Jesus Christ’s image. They believe that Jesus is the way to the Father and therefore they will pray to Jesus to intercede on their behalf to God.
  • Figurines of baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the wise men and the shepherds are used during Neapolitan nativity scene every Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Christ, who is the savior of the world. The Christian faithfuls use these figurines to bring to life what happened over two thousand years ago in a manger in a little town called Bethlehem.
  • Figurines are also used to show the early life of Christ. For example there is a figurine showing the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist. There is also another nativity scene showing young Jesus in his father’s workshop making some wooden chairs. has many of these figurines and many more symbols. If you are interested in figurines, visit our website and make an order after choosing from the surplus variety that we have.
  • Christians use art to worship their Creator in various ways. They use books, calendars and pictures. For instance, Catholics usually buy calendars that have their leaders such as the Pope imprinted in them.
  • Christ and Mary the mother of Jesus can be imprinted too on these calendars; images of important institutions in their denomination such as the Holy See can also be imprinted in these calendars.
  • The books that they use are written by apostles and the disciples of Jesus and have been passed down from one generation to another through centuries. HOLYART deals in the sale of these products.



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